Personal Narrative: Newton Railers Second Away Game

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December 3 2015 was the Newton Railers seventh grade basketball team second away game. I was waiting all day for the basketball game it seemed like the day was endless. Finally 2:50 came up on the clock to let me know it was time to leave class and get ready to get on the bus. I got all my gear and got on the bus. I put my headphones on a got pumped for our game. We drove all the way to Andover and enters their school. We put all of our gear in a then Then I played in the A team game. After the A team game was the B team game and that is when we meet hulk smash. It was about half way into the B team game a kid slightly taller than I was came into the game from the other team. At first he looked like a pretty good player but when he started

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