Personal Narrative-Old Mcdonald Had A Farm

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The Philosopher Plato once said "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.". I remember the first time that music had begun to resonate within me; i was four years old and my mother had bought me a book and attached to that book was a little toy piano. I loved that book. It had so many songs in it that i could learn starting with the classic "Old McDonald Had A Farm". I was only four at the time, but i remember feeling so in tune with the book and this little plastic battery operated piano that me being able to play this song, wasn 't a big deal. However, my mother, watching from the corner, thought otherwise. That Christmas, my mom had brought me a bigger, yellow plastic piano that came with an attachable microphone and a yellow plastic stool. Again, i was only four, but that little piano, microphone, and stool became my home. …show more content…

Since then, I have learned many new instruments such as the guitar, saxophone, the bass, drums, and the trumpet. Music is just something that comes naturally to me and on every Christmas, i make it a point to get something music related even though i 'm pretty sure my mom is getting sick of it. I grew up with music and it grew up with me which is shown through the many musical phases that i had. I had an Eminem phase, Punk-Rock phase, Alternative phase and many more (well,except country because, lets face it, country music is pretty bad). Simply put, as i gradually became the person i am today, music has reflected my character better than any other. Music has been with me every step of the way and it has even been there through the darker times in my life. When i had depression, and all i thought i could do was scream, it was there to scream with me, when i wanted to cry, it cried with me. When i was angry and all i wanted to do was punch something, i would pick up my acoustic guitar and angrily strum chord progressions until i felt

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