Personal Narrative: One Tree Hill

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“I explained to you already. An idiotic dance filled with psycho girls sounds like a nightmare.” I rolled my eyes at my butler, Steven. “But sir Michael, your father says you need a woman in your life to help when you become king. A ball would be the perfect opportunity to meet girls. Are you going to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day?” “Tell my father a ball is not in my agenda.” My favorite series “One Tree Hill” became louder to block him out. His sigh filled the room as he walked out. “Shut the door on the way out.” I paused the show to ponder the thought. What was my father thinking? A ball? Is this the 1700’s? No. I will not fall for this. I don’t want to deal with hundreds of girls chasing me around a room. This will make my father…show more content…
I didn’t say goodbye to any of them. My heart felt empty as I crawled into bed that night. I said to myself “this mystery will be solved tomorrow.” Furthermore, the sun finally rose, and determination filled my mind. Immediately, I ran downstairs to Steven. “I met the one last night, but when midnight came she ran away. I found her phone that she dropped. Send out to everyone that someone dropped their phone. They need to come back here and type the passcode in to find out if they own it.” Later, the day was spent with random girls crying when they said the wrong password. It became exhausting. Meanwhile the sun started to set, and I was giving up hope when suddenly I heard a faint knock on the door. A middle aged lady and three girls walked in, one walking behind the other two. I couldn’t identify her from her sweatshirt. “I believe that my two daughters know the passcode to the phone.” she announced. “It is 6429.”When I typed it in, the screen stayed the same. “5389?” “It’s 6390.” the three ladies turned around to the fourth with a mortified face. I typed it in and the home screen came up. I smiled as I glanced up and saw her. I knew that face anywhere. My excitement showed on my face as I ran to
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