Personal Narrative: Overcoming Obstacles In My Life

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There is always times in life when people face obstacles and while it may be easier to give up, giving up is not the answer. Awhile ago I faced a big obstacle in my life when I moved from California my home state and where I had lived my whole life to Texas, and while I wanted to give up and move back I had to overcome my own selfishness and see how good the move was for my family. This move affected me because I really did not want to move and I felt it was unfair for me to be moved away from all of my friends and everything that I had ever known. A year and a half ago, my life changed forever when my parents announced that my family would be moving from California and the house my family had lived in almost my whole life to …show more content…

The move was especially tough because people in California and Texas are very different and the cultures are basically opposites, but I overcame some of these differences by trying to fit into the Texas culture more mostly by getting more into Texas sports and finding things in common with the people from Texas. The easiest part of the move and adjusting to the different culture was that Texas people are very friendly and accepting of people who move to Texas, so it was easy to talk to people and make friends because even the high school kids are very accepting and friendly. Overcoming the move to Texas got easier once I became more entrenched in the football team and started making more friends. I was starting to accept Texas and was realizing the good the move had done for my family. I also started realizing the fact that I wasn't going to move back to California and I started enjoying Texas more. By my senior year I had adjusted to the Texas lifestyle and overcame moving by making friends and accepting the fact that I wasn't going to move back to California. Obstacles are a part of life and you can't just give up when they're in front of you even if they seem impossible to

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