Personal Narrative: Stepping Into The Adult World

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Stepping into the Adult World During the Great Depression there were many hardships, because of this many children and adolescents had to acclimate to an adult’s point of view. Throughout my life I have also had a significant amount of experience stepping into the adult world. I have had an ongoing boxing match with Sydenham’s Chorea(SC). Sydenham’s Chorea is an extremely rare autoimmune disorder; there are about ? cases of SC per year. When I found out I had SC I was shocked; I was seven years old and already had a disease. I had many tests done in order to find out what was wrong with me, and to rule out any damage to other parts of my body. The tests included MRI’s, CAT scans, and weekly blood draws. Those appointments were educational; I learned and experienced much more than I ever would have before if I wouldn 't have gotten SC. My case could 've been much worse, because I could 've had kidney failure, depression, heart damage, and/or other diseases which could 've been deadly. We found out that it was caused by streptococcus. I was very surprised that such a common illness could cause any sort of disease. SC causes uncontrollable twitching and muscle writhing. The twitching is quite uncomfortable and can prevent me from doing regular…show more content…
I found out that I had SC five years ago. I am still trying to get rid of the twitching. The doctors believed that the twitches could 've been gone in six months; on the other hand they thought that the twitches could last my entire life. I have many treatments that are trying to get rid of the twitching. I have medications that I have to take every morning to help with the amount of twitching and tics. I have psychologist appointments every other week to help me stop the tics once and for all; we are also trying to cut down on the
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