Personal Narrative: The American Dream

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As a child, somewhere after princess dresses and before pimples, I developed my own plan of action towards the society named lifestyle known as, "The American dream." It relatively went something like this: Finish high school, Go to college, Get a good job, Get married, Have babies, Send your kids to college, Retire, Join a country club, Buy a winery, Have grandkids, and Die. I look back on this plan now and realize that this is not a plan that could possibly be deemed as a dream, and that it was intolerably ignorant of me to believe that such would bring me joy. Although, There are some people, I'm assured, that this plan would work exceptionally for, perhaps they would even be happy, but for most, the cookie cutter version of "The American dream" is null more than a nightmare. …show more content…

My idea of the utopian life is one that you have chosen for yourself, and to get even more into my personal belief, a plan that God has chosen for you. I believe that God has a call on my life, and although I am not certain what that is yet, I am sure that it is not to conform to an idea that there's only one notion to be happy in this life. I refuse to believe that I must do certain task is particular orders to achieve happiness, to be successful, to be

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