Personal Sports Perspective Analysis

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My personal sport perspective remains that sports are a unifying element that can bring people together for various causes. The unifying element can be seen at the local, national and worldwide level. I still believe that support from various areas can come together when there is a common goal. At the local level, high schools vying for district and state championships have rallied towns and cities, even if not all of the residents are involved in the school community. Social media and extended television coverage enables almost everyone to watch live as teams compete for titles. The collegiate and national level has seen similar support, for example, as the nation cheered on Gonzaga during the NCAA tournament.
Sports teams and coaches raise money for various causes, such as “Coaches for Cancer” and “Autism Awareness”. On a global scale, fans …show more content…

Unfortunately, the desire to “win at all costs” permeates sports. At the youth level, we see incidents of violence among parents at their children’s games. There are still episodes of fan violence at major sporting events. Sport organizations need to find a way to curb the violence surrounding their programs which starts with the most basic concept of promoting respect. The “win at all costs” attitude is certainly the reason behind the frequent NCAA violations that occur in Division I athletics. Another aspect of sports that has been addressed in this class is the role that money plays not only in professional sports but also at the collegiate level. Sport organizations are businesses and therefore making a profit is the primary goal with the fans being secondary. Endorsements have generated an infusion of money to teams and players. At the collegiate level as well, money certainly effects the decision making process. It can be argued that the proliferation of money is detrimental to

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