Personal Statement: Appropriate To My Current Position

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Currently I work for Sentara Healthcare and the department I work in is Materials Management. I hold the positon of Inventory Coordinator and have held this position for over 5 years now. When I first started out with Sentara, I held a different position which I worked in for almost 2 years and this job was very demanding and stressful, but since Sentara has so many locations in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, this afforded me to find other positions that were better suited for me so I applied for the position that I currently work for and I’m happy where I am at. The two concepts that I want to apply to my current job are Task significance and Autonomy. My current position with Sentara is an Inventory Coordinator and the overall responsibility …show more content…

I had to pay special attention to detail and I performed this job very well. The first job I held with Sentara was an Inventory Analyst and I was assigned to order all of the medical supplies that were needed for all of the operating rooms for Sentara Leigh Hospital. This job took a lot out of me and that is why I put in for a transfer to another location as well as a different position all together. Since transitioning to my new position, working as an Inventory Coordinator is less stressful and is more tolerable and a lot less demanding. I find that I have more autonomy doing the job I’m doing now rather than what I did before. Our textbook defines autonomy as the degree to which a job provides substantial freedom, independence, and discretion to the individual in scheduling the work and in determining the procedures to be used in carrying it out. (Robbins and Judge, p. 216, 2009). For example, the job I’m currently in provides me with much freedom because my immediate supervisor has instilled trust in me as well as my co-worker. There are only two people in my office/warehouse and my supervisor works in a different building. In other words, I have the independence and discretion to perform my job to the best of my ability with little to no supervision. I find that being independent makes employee motivation more enjoyable because my co-worker and I can perform our job at our own pace and not have to worry about someone looking over us or constantly watching us. Also I feel that being independent requires my co-worker and me to make better work/business decisions because we have to perform our job and make the right decisions due to the fact that many people are depending on us. Another important fact about the job I currently work in is that my behavior and group behavior solely relies on my co-worker and I and we have to

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