Personal Statement: Everything Happens For A Reason

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This I Believe I believe in the statement everything happens for a reason. I believe that circumstances, events and people have shaped me into the person I am today. I believe in my mother and her ability to make everything look effortless. Problems that could stress me out for hours or even days, she fixes within minutes. And even while she has all of these things clouding her mind, she still manages to stay lighthearted and at ease. She takes control of situations and finds solutions that no other person could think of. She proves everyday that everything happens for a reason, and she deals with it, unbelievably. When something is thrown her way she catches it and throws it right back and amazes me every time. Everything over the past …show more content…

There have been many times that we were supposed to move to California and did not and I believe those reasons came up for a reason. She could have picked any of the other states she lived in, we could have moved to California, but she decided this one and we remained in Las Vegas, and I believe this all happened for a reason. Despite everyone 's hatred for this town, I enjoy it and fit in quite nicely. I believe I was put here for a reason. I believe in high school and the life changing events that come with it. I believe in meeting new people and losing old friends. I believe in dating and getting my heartbroken. I believe in learning about myself and my interests. Everyone that is in high school experiences different things, but I believe that we all experience them for a reason. Everything that has happened in high school has shaped me and has happened for a reason. Whether this reason be a lesson for life or not, it happened for a reason. I believe everything happens for a reason, because if it did not, there would be no reason for anything any of us have done. There would be no

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