Personal Values Essay: What Makes A Good Friend

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"What Makes a Good Friend" Alex Lickerman explains the qualities that he conciders ideal in a true friend. He refrences kenzoku, a japanese term for having a sacred bond with someone but are not blood related. In order to have this sacred there are certain traits that must be present. Tw individuals must be drawn together commonly by similar interests. Also if they have a history together due to shared experiences they will often tie two entities together. Common values are another trait that contributes to a strong bond because if there is controversy in morals, friendships often fail. Equallity is another trait that will effect friendships conidering both individuals need to make equal obligations for one another;one-sided friendships never last. They must also be commited to your happiness and even if a person doesnt want to hear it, his/her special friend will always tell the truth. They will also never ask to place your friendships above their principles. They will also be a good influence to you and inspire you to live up to your full potential. Even after certain people make all these requirements they might not be kenzoku. Romance in…show more content…
Loyalty to me is absolutly neccesary and it is what confidently lets you aware that yur friend will repeatably have your back no matter the circumstances. One of my best friends Hubbard, is a prime example of how a loyal friend should act. For example, last year I had a terrible motorcycle accident and when I called him to assist me, there was no questions asked,he showed up. He took care of me and even traveled to CVS to get my medication. As well as continuasly checking my condition everyday. No matter what time I contact him, I constantly know tht he will be there for me. Even though he lives in California right now, I know that if i ever needed him he would defniitly flu out to New Jersey to support
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