Personality Change In Theodore Taylor's The Cay

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Have you ever had your personality change for the better? Chances are that you have and that’s exactly what Phillip(the main character) had to do in our book, The Cay. In The Cay by Theodore Taylor, Phillip’s character reveals that through many conflicts he develops independence, satisfaction and determination to survive.
Phillip demonstrated independence after experiencing blindness as evidenced when Timothy approves of Phillip’s ability without his eyesight. In the event of climbing the palm trees Phillip is fearful towards falling and his blindness when he hears Timothy call out, “‘Phill-eep, ‘tis no shame to ease your own self back down to the sand.’ Slowly I began to lower myself back down the sand.” This shows how Phillip is fearful …show more content…

In the beginning of the novel, Phillip demonstrates giving up in the event of Timothy trying to teach him how to weave beds out of palm fronds as stated by Phillip when the book and Phillip states, “I didn’t want to work...’I tell you I can’t see!’...I screamed” This shows his lack of determination and drive to accomplish his goals. In the middle of the novel, Phillip uses his intellect to give him a little drive towards making a better signal fire as stated here, “...I knew I could not live this way...I could never survive alone...” This shows the understanding Phillip makes with himself about his fate if he didn’t do anything to try to change it while after that he fully feels determined to create a smoky signal fire. The reasoning behind this is shown when the novel states, “...I thought...maybe they didn’t see the smoke... if only there were some oily boards... then I thought, sea grape!... yes, it was oily...the smoke would rise from the cay in a fat, black column...” This shows his determination to complete the task of escaping the cay which means signaling to a plane, which is what he

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