How To Be Creative Essay

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CREATIVE RESPONSE (600- 1000 WORDS) Headline You can be creative. Sub-headline Unleash your own inner creativity the easy way, without spending a penny. Introduction “Creativity is the magic of making something from nothing.” In the above picture is a stack of colorful boxes. Tell me, what can you make with all these boxes? How many uses can you think of by using these boxes. Now, you have already started to think creatively, there are always first baby steps to accomplishing anything. Dr. Michael Kirton, a renowned British psychologist, demonstrated through his research that each and everyone are born with a great potential of creativity. We are able to shape our own brain patterns with enough practice, thus enabling us to activate creativity. “Everybody can be creative,…show more content…
How much time you spend on social media? If it’s the only thing you do 24/7 then put your phone down, go out and explore your neighborhood or the city. You’ll be surprise on what you might experience in a day. As you expose yourself to new experiences, you are taking in all the new ideas, feelings, knowledge and skills. These are the key to creativity! Another great way to explore is to TRAVEL. Travelling helps broaden a person’s perspective and you will definitely have more inspirations to draw on from a new environment. 3) TAKE RISK “Obstacles are something that to be faced instead of shrinking away.” Success is 99 percent failure, so move your butts now and start taking risk! Failure plays a significant role in creativity. Nobody is able to do well on their first try, you need learn from you’re your failures to succeed. Highly creative people that are risk who accept challenges and never give up. Once you begin overcoming those hurdles in life, you’ll be more optimistic and realize how much a learning experience can contribute to your creativity. 4) CONNECT THE
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