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MORNING - PANCAKE BREAKFAST Over-priced flowers, pre-fixe menus and worst of all, awful violin serenades, let’s face it - Valentine’s Day can be daunting, especially since it can burn a hole in your wallet. A better option? Indulge your partner with a home cooked meal. Since the fastest way through the heart is through the stomach, whip up a special treat for your amour to start off the day. Even better, try cooking together! As a couple, not only can cooking together can be a fun and playful activity that brings you and your partner closer together. Plus, it’s a lot more easier when you can split up the work! Setting aside some special time to cook together is an incredibly interactive, yet sweet gesture that shows how important your partner…show more content…
When he learn how to cook? What is her favourite dish to make? How many times did he practice to get that dish right? What is her biggest kitchen disaster? For 18 year old Ashley Siu who has been together with her boyfriend, Sebastian Walther, for three years, activities such as cooking together are a frequent occurrence during their dates. “For me, the whole “eat at a restaurant” thing is just not my idea of a romantic date,” said Ashley. “I mean, the food is nice but the whole thing just feels really stiff and formal. To me, cooking is a more fun date activity! Even if Sebastian couldn't cook, I think it would still be quite funny being in the kitchen with him making food together or failing together. It's always good to laugh together and make fun of each other and stuff. It brings people closer…show more content…
This is to avoid stepping on each other’s toes as the both of you maneuver around each other in the kitchen. The lead chef can be the one in charge of delegating tasks and reading the recipe out loud while the sous chef can handle the prepping of the ingredients. That way, the “sous chef” can focus on the mixing and washing without needing to worry about what comes next, while the lead can worry about making sure that all the steps in the recipe are completed! “Ultimately, learn to give and take as you cook. You shouldn’t worry about getting that dish right. After all, not everything might not turn out as you planned it,” advises love psychologist and director of Olive Branch (a counseling and therapy haven), Sam Roberts. “Just go with the flow and don’t forget to have fun!” Here’s a healthy pancake recipe that you and your partner can try making together! Simple yet indulgent, this recipe is incredibly fun to make, so that you and your partner can talk and laugh all the way

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