Why Cigarettes Should Be Banned

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In the recent day, there are many people who smoke cigarettes for different reasons such as for entertainment or reducing stress without noticing about problems they might suffer in the future as the result of being addicted in smoking such as diabetes, cancer and other health problems. Nevertheless, there are also methods that people can use in order to reduce the amount of cigarette addiction. Amongst of them, the most useful method that most countries use in the recent day is banning cigarette advertisement. This essay will discuss about the reason why banning cigarette advertisement is a useful way in order to lower the number of smoking addiction by showing the popularity of the banning tobacco advertising control policies. Then, the impact…show more content…
This means that the information, which is from cigarettes advertisement, could lead to many side effects to people that are linked to health problems. According to Data 2, which is the bans on advertising, promotion and sponsorship data from the WHO report, it is clearly seen that controlling the policies on cigarette advertisement has been used by many countries around the world. There have shown that 101 countries, which are high-income, middle-income and low-income countries, take most actions on the TV, radio and print media (WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2011). What is more, according to the Data 6 of comparing the countries that ban all kind of the cigarettes advertisements and those that are not which is taken from the Worldbank on public health, it is noticeable that the country which take the banning action could decrease much more amount of tobacco consumption than those which are not such as the downward trend of cigarette consumption from over 1700 in 1981 to under 1500 per capita in 1991 (Measures To Reduce The Demand For Tobacco, 2011). By looking at these data, it is obvious that banning the cigarettes advertisement is an effective way that can help reducing the cigarettes
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