Persuasive Essay On Banning Cigarettes

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In the recent day, there are many people who smoke cigarettes for different reasons such as for entertainment or reducing stress without noticing about problems they might suffer in the future as the result of being addicted in smoking such as diabetes, cancer and other health problems. Nevertheless, there are also methods that people can use in order to reduce the amount of cigarette addiction. Amongst of them, the most useful method that most countries use in the recent day is banning cigarette advertisement. This essay will discuss about the reason why banning cigarette advertisement is a useful way in order to lower the number of smoking addiction by showing the popularity of the banning tobacco advertising control policies. Then, the impact of the advertisement ban to the tobacco consumption will be viewed. Finally, other solutions such as mass media and health warning labels on cigarettes packages will be explored. Banning cigarette advertisement is an effective way that could decrease cigarettes consumption. First of all, the controlling tobacco advertisement is the action that many countries…show more content…
By doing this way, people will know about the health problem that can be happened when they smoke too much cigarettes. As the report from the WHO report, the Data 1 which is the Production of Graphic Warning Labels in Canada Increases Smokers’ Intention to Quit, it has shown that there is a large different between users’ who quit before and after the announcement of warning labels on the packages that 87% of smokers’ intention to quit after the announcement of package warning compared to just only 20% to the smoker who quit before its introduction (WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2011). Clearly, as the number in the data keep continuing to increase, this solution will be more effective as part of the cigarettes usage

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