Persuasive Essay On Drug Abuse

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Correspondingly, releasing a baby into the care of a former drug addict runs the risk of relapse and is a danger to the future of the child. Due to lack of proper care, officials remove the child when a mother does not seek sobriety. With the mother undergoing so much change and barely grasping reality, she is in no condition to look after a baby, she must first help herself. Most hospital workers fail to convince mothers to enter into drug-treatment programs, and some mothers refuse the care-most being poor and uneducated women (Condon 2). These mothers are not able to give the right care for their children and risk the child’s safety. Whereas in some situations the mother might not even realize the extent as to how serious the case is. Separating a mother from her baby can lead the mother to realize the outcome her addiction has brought. In fact, a nurse participating in the “Cocaine-Baby” Program states “You just have to sit around with your hands tied and watch them destroy a baby” (2). The program fought to save the lives of these unborn children and be their voice to stop drug abuse in pregnancy. These mothers, given two options, seek sobriety or face jail time. Obviously with little to choose from, they picked to undergo rehabilitation and given a second chance. Due to the baby’s addiction, these mothers should be deemed responsible. The article, “Increasing Risk of Drug Withdrawal in Newborns as US Opioid Epidemic Accelerates”, describes the conditions babies born

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