Persuasive Essay On Expungement

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Expungement has to be a Tool on the Table Did you know the United States now locks up a higher number of it population than any other country in the Word. We now have over 2 million people incarcerated today (Jacobson, 2005, p. 8). Of the people who go to prison only 5% stay or die in jail, the other 95% are released from jail, and of those 95%, 80% are released to parole and are supervised by the system (Jacobson, 2005, p. 131). So these people are now on the streets trying to live their lives and face the challenges of paying bills, relationships (getting along with people), get education for a personal growth, getting a job or a good job with benefits, and even a house over their head, plus let’s not forget food. These are some of the basic struggles of human kind. I believe some of mankind’s basic needs are food, shelter, since of belonging. With a google search I seen that human s needs for basic life are: biological and physiological (food, water, shelter, sleep, sex), safety needs (stability, protection, order), belongingness and love …show more content…

It is nonviolent, first-time offenders that are allowed to have their record expunged. Must expungement laws are at the state level and have other restrictions. They range from you have to wait for a certain amount of time. For example Illinois, you have to wait 4 years before being in the window for expungement. In Florida if you plead guilty even if you are not or later they find out the case against you was wrong, you cannot get an expungement of your record. Also the meaning of expungement is not the same or has the same meaning as it does from one state to another. Some states will remove it from your record, some block it from public view, but law enforcement still can view it (Shlosberg, 2012, p.5-6). So not everyone can have their record expunged and the when they do it carries different meanings or

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