Persuasive Essay On Fishing

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Net On this day in history a monster was almost caught. The saying hard work pays off is not always true, but keep trying it is bound to happen. Sometimes in fishing things do not go your way, but that 's life and you need to recollect yourself and get over it because the world does not stop because you missed a fish of a lifetime. Many things happen for reason and you just have to except the fact that sometimes in fishing you just lose. On this day in history, the biggest fish I 've personally saw in a freshwater lake ever was almost caught. One day my buddy and I, Carter Kruse went out on the lake. We have a cottage on Coldwater Lake and in the great state of Michigan. Normally on Saturday mornings Carter and I get up around 7 o 'clock and take my fishing boat out and troll for pike. Trolling for pike is a process used by letting the line out and going idle speed with you 're fishing boat to have the lure go deep enough so people can catch bigger fish. Pike is species of fish that that range from 16 inches to 40 inches or more depending on the age of the fish and its habitat. Normally an average fish for Coldwater Lake tend to range around 20 inches. One morning me and my buddy go out and slowly let the lines out seeking to catch the fish lifetime. The trick to catching pike is to stay about 10 to 15 feet in depth of water, so you are right along the weed beds. So we go back-and-forth along the drop offs of the shallow end with intentions of catching a

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