Persuasive Essay On Obama Care

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No matter what your wallet may say, healthcare should be a BASIC human right for everyone. No life should be deemed less important or valuable just because they can't afford health care.People have ALWAYS been employed and work long hours every day and still can't afford to pay hospital bills. With Obamacare not only do welloff, or ordinary to poor citizens have available health insurance for the first time in years, but they can actually afford to fill prescriptions without having to worry. Americans need to get over this idea that we shouldn't pay for our services. We pay some of the lowest taxes for a first world nation and yet we are falling behind in science, engineering, school, health, and reputation. This isn't fascism and it's barely …show more content…

Nobody said these changes would be easy and most likely many didn't realize how drastic these changes could become. I am among those who feel that it's wrong to force a bill, or mandate, or tax upon individuals (who often already can't afford things like health care); but at this time, I also feel that if we don't step up together and try to make this happen- we will be wasting all the time, energy, and billions of dollars already spent- increasing debt, recession, and eventually a social breakdown. There is no looking back anymore, times are changing and though it will be challenging, we are committed. The thing that bothers me the most about all this, is the utter lack of humanity people have for one another regarding the ACA: most people are against it simply because they don't wanna pay for someone else. It's absolutely pathetic how little we care for our fellow man. I know it's frustrating to learn the money we spend goes to other people instead of ourselves and to procedures we may not agree with, but if everyone gets involved and the ACA works, the cost will even out over time. Human beings, although on morally different levels, deserve to have health care that works for them. Maybe one day, unforeseen circumstances may leave you in a position to have to take on Medicaid: if you lost your job and can't pay your bills, or need to provide for your

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