How To Avoid Snoring Essay

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How To Relieve Snoring?
Snoring is the loud hoarse sound produced while sleeping due to the vibration of throat muscles and tongue. It is the most commonly occurring type of sleep disorders and almost half of the American adults suffer from this issue. Snoring is responsible for disruption the sleep time of the sufferer as well as it also has a very negative impact on the sleeping patterns of people around you.
Snoring can be caused due to a number of factors which include inappropriate sleeping position, unhealthy sleep hygiene, obesity, consumption of alcohol and smoking and various other factors. Snoring can be cured simply by making a number of lifestyle changes as well as sleep hygiene improvements depending upon the severity of your snoring problems.
If the problem still persists then you can use any of the huge
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This is because drinking relaxes our throat muscles to such an extent that they collapse with the tongue and produce snoring sounds. In order to ensure that snoring is avoided alcohol consumption must be avoided or limited before going to sleep. You can also consult your doctor about quitting smoking and he can suggest you to use gums or patches in order to encourage you to quit smoking once and for all.

Avoid sedative and anti-depressants
Sedative and anti-depressants are also composed of such components which are responsible for over relaxing our muscles as a result of which snoring is experienced so you must avoid taking these unless it has been prescribed by your doctor.

Get enough sleep
If you are unable to sleep long enough hours which are required by our bodies and mind to function correctly then also snoring can be produced during night time. So you must make sure that you sleep seven to eight hours each night.

Use an oral

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