Persuasive Speech On Power Napping

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Consider power napping This next trick might seem a little counterintuitive. If you browse sleeping tips online, you are sure to find ton of them telling you to stop napping. But I’ll try to convince you of the opposite: power napping regularly to sleep better at night. A light nap during the day can help you sleep better at night because it ensures you aren’t overtired when night comes. The key to a good napping that doesn’t disrupt your normal sleeping cycle is to: • Nap during the early afternoon. You ideally want to take your nap around an hour after you’ve had lunch, as it’s the right time for your body to feel naturally a little drowsy. The early afternoon is also enough removed from the actual bedtime to ensure you don’t have problem falling asleep at night. • Keep your naps short. You should be power napping, which means sleeping just enough to feel refreshed but not long enough to feel groggy when you wake up and have trouble falling asleep later. You just need 10 to 20 minutes of napping and you are good to go. Anything longer and you probably start finding napping to have negative impact on your sleep. • Stick to a schedule. Just as you should do with the …show more content…

With the help of regular exercise routine you can improve the amount your body spends in the restorative sleep stage. But you can take the benefits to a next level by increasing the vigour in which you exercise. The more vigorously you exercise, the better your sleep will become. When I talk about intensive and vigorous exercise, I’m referring to two key pointers. First, your exercise should be vigorous in terms of getting your heart rate beating faster. This generally means short bursts of intensive exercise instead of calmer, longer forms such as yoga or weight lifting. Instead, you want to take a 10-minute brisk walk, add a short sprint to your regular run or go swim at full

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