Essay On Underage Drinking

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Alexus University, like a good portion of universities and institutes of higher learning in the United States, has become known as a party school. The issue of underage drinking has become a matter of great concern for the university, as they believe that this is working to damage their reputation as a serious institute of learning; instead of students applying to the school because they want to learn, officials are noticing an ever increasing trend in the types of applicants who are looking to attend the school. In particular, they are seeing an increase in the number of average and below average students who are applying, students whose records and attitudes indicate that they are less concerned with education and more concerned with having a good time. Other schools with prior reputations as party schools have started to turn that reputation around through the targeted use of anti-drinking campaigns. It is to this end that the college board of directors has requested that individuals associated with the Alexus University campus work to come up with different campaigns that may be utilized in order to work to negate and decrease the current behaviors of students on campus, ensuring that the campus’s reputation may once again be restored to its previous splendor. In working to review the issues associated with underage drinking, the reasons why underage drinking should be prevented, and the growing societal concerns associated with that particular trend, it will be

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