Persuasive Essay On What Is Happening To California Drought

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California and the Drought What is happening to california valley? It used to be green and rich with agricultures. Now with the lack of rain, it is becoming a dry state. Then there are the problems we are facing. In the past with the drought, we always had problems such as agriculture, water in wells, lakes, and rivers decreasing. Now we 'll be more have problems such as groundwater level declines, money costs, lands sinking, and that most of our waters sources are decreasing. “Several California Water Science Center streamgages have recently recorded streamflows that are below all-time record lows for specific days of the year”(drought impact). According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab,“This sinking of land, known as subsidence, is a known consequence of groundwater pumping and a problem that California’s been dealing with for decades. But it’s gotten worse as the state’s become drier ”(drought impact).We always had that problem but now it becoming worse through the lack of water. We need to think about the choices for it will determine what kind consequences the next generation will …show more content…

This proposal is to make sprinklers and store bought pools illegal. Water sprinklers waste 265 gallons per hour. Also getting rid of store bought pools will save water. It takes -- amount of water to fill up a pool and --- to refill it when it gets low. In order for us to have this take this in effect we need to enforce a law and let every one in California know about it and make the consequences more serious. If the people are still using it illegally we will have a machine that tracks the amount of water inside and a separate one outside of everyone 's house. To create this machine would be pretty easy, we will work with PG&E. This is not the only plan we have we can also get rid of any other misused ways of water such as making soda that has a low percentage of consumers or any other drinks that are made of

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