Persuasive Essay On Why Abortion Is Wrong

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Abortion is wrong because you are killing a person, the emotional and physical pain it causes, and you put yourself in that spot so do not blame the baby. How many abortions are performed in a year? Well, it is illegal in most of the United States. Many people have an opinion that it is murder. What is the difference between murdering someone than killing a human being inside of you? It is still murder because the baby can still feel it. But for the baby it is worse because when you are having an abortion, the baby is having the worst part. The baby is being torn apart little by little. For example, how would a person feel being torn apart little by little, while being alive and that there is nothing to do to prevent that from happening. …show more content…

You are killing a person either you think of it that way or not. Everyone is responsible of their own actions. So you should just face what happens, and do not blame anyone else. Whenever you are in that situation, just remember to talk to someone and think before you do anything else. There might be that little regret you might get after the abortion. How would you like to live knowing that you killed a child that could of had a life? More important that child was yours. How can you do that to your own blood. If you think you are gonna suffer if you have a baby, think that the baby is going to suffer during the abortion. Just remember that the baby is being torn apart and the infant just feels the pain. You can lose a lifetime of happiness with your child, or you will still be happy if you put it up for adoption, because at least you know that they did not suffer. Think about them and not just you, even though they not with you just know they are going to be someone who cares about them and loves them. There is always someone who wants a child of their own and can not have one. But you have one and want to get rid of it. Just because you messed up, it does not mean you are going to punish the infant. Abortion should never be a choice, so do not choose

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