Pestle Analysis Of Pick N Pay

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The following report will draw up a PESTLE analysis of Pick ‘n Pay based on articles and other sources of information (Pick ‘n Pay school visit) that has been collected.

Physical Environment
Pick ‘n Pay has about 700 stores throughout South Africa located in many different places in the country, as well as stores in 8 different countries which means that Pick ‘n Pay will experience many different physical factors affecting them, especially due to the vast variety of weather conditions throughout Southern Africa. Due to this range of environments, Pick ‘n Pay stores, farms, factories and storage warehouse is at risk of any natural disaster ranging from flooding to fire. Pick ‘n Pay even has the risk of experiencing cyclones, especially due to its stores in Mauritius that experiences tropical weather and such natural disasters.
Due to the fact that there is also a lot of desertification (especially in Botswana) in many of the southern African countries, it not only makes it difficult to farm produce there, but over such long distances, delivery to the stores become more expensive as well as more difficult.
Pick ‘n pay also need to keep in mind the suitability of their product due to the physical influence on them, for example, it is known that in Southern African countries, there is mainly the wet season and the dry season and that products need to be sold accordingly.
Strategies: in order for Pick ‘n Pay to get around these problems, they need to take out

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