Pet Peeve Narrative

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Pet Peeve

My pet peeve dates back a long time ago. The earliest encounter of my pet peeve, that I can remember, was back in 2nd grade. This was the year that we had the notorious class vs. class kickball tournament. Ms. Koep’s class, the class I was in, was the pick to win the tournament. When we made it to the championship game, we knew without a doubt that we would be victorious. Our team had many great players. The opposing team had one good player that would basically do everything. He would pitch the ball, then he would field the ball, then he would run to first to get the kicker out. Now this is what I call a “ball hog” or a “gym try hard”. Anyways, I got up to kick and the “superstar” from Mrs. Lennox’s class was pitching. All I could think about was kicking the ball over trailview so this kid would have no chance of fielding it. Well, that didn’t happen, I barely squandered a measly kick near second base and of course he ran from the pitcher's mound all the way to second where he easily fielded the ball. Then he proceeded to run right up to me and instead of tag me with ball, he got a couple inches away from me and chucked it as hard as he could. That really
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In gym it’s mostly just a fun, competitive game where everyone gets a chance to play. This is not the case if you are in gym class with a group gym tryhards. Apparently, the word “slowpitch” doesn’t mean anything to these people. In gym softball you get these kids that feel the need to chuck the ball at sonic speed when they are pitching. These people think they’re legends after striking out a kid who has never swung a bat in his life. Kids that do this just make me want to punch someone. Then there is the kid that plays center field, and right field, and left field. They won’t even give anyone else a chance to field a ball. Gym tryhards can just take out the fun in a game. They make a fun game way too
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