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I am not just interested in becoming a Physician Assistant; I dream of, and am driven to become one. I have been fascinated by the medical field as long as I can remember. I had the opportunity to begin scribing for a physician and absolutely loved the patient interaction, the variety of duties that had to be accomplished and the fact that for some people a fifteen to twenty minute appointment may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of a day or life, but to those who were being seen, their lives are instantly changed for the better. I learned such a vast amount of knowledge every single day I worked there. I grew to love the medical field more and more and am confident I was meant to work my hardest to be able to provide care to patients as my life occupation; specifically rural areas like the one I grew up in.
My heart is 100% in this. When times get difficult, the person must become stronger. That is something I feel I have been able to do. These past few years my family has struggled with finding out my father had a brain tumor that had to be removed as soon as possible. We dealt with and aided in his recovery and have …show more content…

I grew up on a farm and ranch in western Kansas so hard work is something I am accustomed to. Living on a farm and ranch also taught me to think on my feet, have confidence in myself and never take for granted neither what I 've achieved nor any opportunities I 've been given. One such opportunity was being chosen as a K-INBRE grant student researcher. As a researcher I have been taught lab skills, research methods and the skills to professionally present my research at the K-INBRE Annual Symposium in Topeka as well as the amazing opportunity to present my research at the Experimental Biology Symposium in Boston, Massachusetts. I will work as hard as I physically and mentally can to become a Physician Assistant. I look forward to the things I know I will be able to accomplish because of the lessons I have

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