Police Brutality Research Paper

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Do police brutality comes from racism? Police brutality is a serious issue that needs to be solved immediately. Police brutality is the use of any force exceeding and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. This became a serious issue when African Americans lives are being killed by police officers. This topic is important to me because I have a 21 year old African American brother and I fear that his life will be taken away from my family because of a senseless racial crime. I wanted to write about this topic because I experience racial injustice. For example, at my high school I got called in to the resource officer office because they wanted to question me about a stolen cell phone that I had nothing to do with. It …show more content…

What make police killing African Americans justifiable? Some police officers feel like their killing African American is justifiable because they say they felt like their lives were threatened. Because they feel like blacks are violent. I think most police officers think that African Americans are supposed to act violent because they grow up in a poor neighborhood. I feel like police officers want African Americans to turn violent so they can shoot them. For example, the mike brown case when the officer said that mike brown had assaulted him when mike brown was just trying to get away from the officer. Officer Wilson has not been indicted for murder. There are plenty of examples on how police officers are not in jail because their murders has been classified as justifiable. Another example is the Trayvon martin case. How George Zimmerman is not behind bars for taking that young boy life. When he was specifically told not to approach Trayvon and then used racial slurs. Then you have some police officers that seek power or supremacy so they think that killing African Americans is some type of competition. Some officers claim that killing African Americans are justifiable because they look like enemies. What cause African Americans to look like enemies? The color of our skin or the stereotypes that all blacks are criminals. Some officers kill African Americans just to resolve the situation quicker. Some of the killing are probably are under justifiable because of the training that police officer goes through. Their learn how to shoot a gun before learning how to deescalate the situation. For example, when in Miami garden police officer Eddo Trimino did not have to shoot Lavall Hall five times after threating him to “Get on the ground or you’re dead”. Lavall hall was a schizophrenic and bipolar and his mother told officers

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