What Are The Effects Of Police Brutality To Minorities

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One of the main controversies about the police at this current time is police brutality to minorities and people of color. This has been occurring for many years but it has been specifically now a days brought up back into the view by the public when “brutality” against African Americans occur. Throughout these reasons years it has been put into view but you see more and more everyday. Relating this to history the police force was originally developed back in the day back when the Jim Crow Era was occurring and the police system was enforced by white males where people of color were no where to be seen within the system. What is occurring now is basically a repeat of history from back in the day. For example in the year of 2004 a 26 year old male named Frank Jude, Jr was a victim of police brutality where of duty police …show more content…

Another case was Eric Garner age 43 he was detained by police officers by using an illegal choke hold. Which concluded to his death. The most controversial event that started a change in the communities was the Michael brown case were an officer shot him as he struggled to get away from him and when he ran and turned around to face the officer he was shot down even though he was no where near the officer to cause a threat to his life. Another well known case is Sandra Bland a African American women who was found dead in a jail cell which the police department claimed to have been a “suicide”. This also became a controversy because when her mug shots were released she had already appeared to be dead during the time of the pictures. Referring back to the time of Jim Crow Era it was the police and the organization the K.K.K. to get rid of people of color and it was proven that officers and officials did this in order to decrease their

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