Political Parties Dbq Essay

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What led to the rise of the political parties in America from 1789-1799?

The period of time in which the revolutionary war, US bank arguments, and the US debt happened. Also with the rise of the political parties, this all, is sending the US into a national crisis.

During 1760-1799 in the United States, there were ongoing issues such as the Alien and sedition acts, the strength of the central govt, and Hamilton V. Jefferson. These statements, in history started the momentum for rise of parties and sectionalism, and allowed them to occur. These statements will be compared and contrasted.

With the strength of the central government becoming a very diverse topic between people and families alike. The topic of the central government is making …show more content…

With Jefferson at the head of his faction, he is despising funding the national debt and doesn’t want to let go his womanish attachment to France. Jefferson is very against the topic and has different views of a strong central government and he has a strong following that also agrees with him. With the hostility between Jefferson and Hamilton, with the Revolutionary war, sending us into debt and Hamilton wants to repay it, Jefferson has different viewpoints and ideas. The federalist was one of the main groups this message was meant for, and Hamilton's friend of course. The purpose was to make Jefferson look womanish and make his ideas sound dangerous and unsound. The view of this all was that we need to fund the debt and make friends with Britain, so no war goes on and we don't have to fund …show more content…

With the Alien and Sedition acts being passed, these were alarming and palpable infractions of the constitution. Furthermore, Jefferson didn’t believe that congress had the power to do this, and that it was forging the rights of a public character. This was happening around the same time that France and United States began an undeclared war, and more immigrants were coming to the United states joining the Republicans. The people who this was intended for was Jefferson’s supporters and the people who were against the Alien and Sedition acts. With Jefferson a Republican himself he doesn't believe in deporting the people who are against our government. The reason why this document was written was to tell against the Alien and Sedition acts and why they are against the

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