Nuclear Energy Conclusion

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Introduction: Pollution is becoming a bigger problem in our daily life, due to greenhouse gas emissions including CO2. In the coming years this has to be decreased to save the world from more global warming and more pollution. Today new kinds of energy sources are being put into use but not enough to save our planet. In order for this to happen we need to convert to a lot of more alternative energy. A few of these types of energy are: Solar panels, wind turbines and nuclear energy, which all do not release toxic gases. However these energy sources also have pros and cons in multiple ways and aspects, two of them being socially and economically which makes the choice hard on which energy source to invest most in to avoid more problems in our climate. Since solar energy is easy to access and is becoming more popular, therefor in has a lot of potential to become the energy source, which will help reduce greenhouse gases. Nuclear energy: Nuclear energy is an alternative energy that can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The energy is generated by water that is turned into steam, which drives turbine generators to produce electricity. The heat to turn the water into steam is created when uranium atoms split. Also called fission. It has pros and cons in terms of social and economical aspects. To begin with, nuclear power plants have come to leak in the past, which has enormous effects. This…show more content…
It has a lot of positive aspects both economically as socially, because it can be used individually and is also renewable. It is also socially excepted because it does not do damage to the environment compared to nuclear power plants which has a possibility of leaking, and people do not mind the way solar panels look compared to wind turbines. Therefor I think solar energy is the best alternative energy both socially and
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