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According to Japanese culture the birth of the celestial and earthly world was created from the union between the first god and goddess, or the gods of creation Izanagi and Izanami. Before them the universe was immersed in a beaten and shapeless kind of matter, referred to as chaos. The mass of the earth was sunk in silence, until eventually the particles began to come to life and create movement. This movement brought sound to the world. The light particles were the lightest and floated to the top of the universe, while the slightly heavier particles floated down to create the clouds and the heavens. The heaviest of the particles settled at the bottom and formed the heavy dark mass that is the Earth. From the marriage of the Gods of Creation came the birth of the island of Japan, and a second birth of the sun goddess named Amaterasu. As time passed, a descendant of Amaterasu descended to the earthly world to…show more content…
It tells of the beginning of time when the world was devoid of all its life and there was only the calm sea and the endless skies. There was no movement, nor any number of things that could clash against each other to make any noise; just a deafening silence. There was only immobility and the silence of the night. The Creator and the Maker, Tepeu and Gucumatz, were in the water surrounded with light. They were great sages and profound thinkers and after much discussion decided to join their minds together to create man, and to give to him a world full of nature and sustenance. Thus in the darkness of the night, by the heart of heaven, the world was born.

Both the Japanese version of creation and the Mayan creation myth often saw themselves as the product of a union of deities. Both cultures also believed that before these unions that the world was devoid of life, and engulfed in
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