Diffusion Of Popular Culture Essay

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Have you heard of McDonalds, or watched Diego well that is popular culture? Societies have now adapted their regions and altered their landscapes of the regions through Folk and Popular culture in their traditions. This will teach you how diffusion media has affected popular culture and what we see. How landscapes of folk and popular art and leisure like what are differences of their arts and what they do in their free time. The third main topic is Some of the challenges of the landscape of folk and Popular culture for instance getting drinks or what they live in.
Rapid diffusion of popular culture had been done by new communication methods, especially television in the twentieth century and the spread of the internet in the twenty-first century. …show more content…

The traditional was people used to shop was going to a street market and shopping from vendor to vendor talking to people as you went. This encouraged local diversity by telling people to bring their native foods that are traditionally fixed at home and their parents fixed for them. Now we have stores like Walmart that everyone you go to they all have the same kinds of stuff and it is in the same generalized area of the store. This is called uniformity because they catch you by making you comfortable, so you come back time and time again because you know where everything is in the store with out asking for help and socializing with other people. Then there is restaurant like McDonalds and Subway a great examples of globalization where there are many of them all over the world in tons and tons of counties by spreading there again they are having uniformity in there relators so you will comeback again and you can go all over the world with only slight variations of their menus and what sauces they have. Some people have a great imposition to new fast food because they feel it destroys the local diversity of a place by only having on type of food from one religion and one countries. People think that restaurants should have all kinds of options like vegan and vegetarian and food from different regions of the world. This is how the diffusion of popular culture causes

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