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If you wish to release your high liking to soak up the sun, have your hair salted by the blessed waters of the beach and just have a fun, chill moment with some drinks at hand, then Port Macquarie might be the best option that you can get. The longish string of beaches and the establishments accompanying it will certainly make your stay as if you’re inside an all-inclusive resort. Revel on nature’s goodness through just peeking at your window, participate in the daily bustles of locals and feel the presence of camaraderie being put forth by long-time staying travelers. Release thy inhibitions and just enjoy the wondrous opportunity that Port Macquarie is offering to you.
Port Macquarie is a coastal town in New South Wales in Australia and …show more content…

This city is also part of the 6-Day Shuttle Service via the Holiday Coast Connections together with Bonny Hills, Lake Cathie, Taree, Kew, Newcastle Railway, Laurieton, Forster and many others. As of now, there are no railway links and train transits within Port Macquarie, the nearest location being positioned at Wauchope.
One of the most famous beaches in Port Macquarie in terms of visitor count in an annum would definitely be the illustrious Flynn’s Beach. Majestically nestled between two, strong rocky boulders, the wide expanse of whitish shore and the refreshing waters are most known to those who loved surfing. There are many visitors who take advantage of the waves, doing outdoor and recreational stuff in Flynn’s Beach.
If you want to feel more of Port Macquarie’s inclination to preserve nature, then head on and visit the Sea Acres National Park to satisfy that craving. Known to be the continent’s largest coastal rainforest facility, this 72-hectare expanse of land is home to a diverse flora and fauna being put under meticulous care. Scheduled tours and guides are available once you visited the park and be amazed by how well-rounded the whole facility

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