Positive And Negative Effects Of The American Industrial Revolution

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It was the late 1800s early 1900s when the American Industrial Revolution was just beginning. This was a time of great technological advancements, when factories began to thrive and electricity was just beginning. It was also a time of misery and death. This industrialization had a negative impact on American Society because it created child labor, terrible working conditions and tenements with conditions that could only be described as atrocious. To begin with the Industrial Revolution had a negative impact on American society because it caused thousands of children to die and become seriously injured due to child labor. The jobs that children were expected to do were far too dangerous for them. For instance, kids that worked in sewing factories ended up getting curved spins from leaning over machines for too long (entry 7). As well as spinal damage kids also obtained lung damage from the pollutants in the air (entry 7). Even worse, the machines were so heavy that if something shook it or moved it then it would collapse on the child operating the machinery (entry 7). Children were put into seriously dangerous situations that caused permanent damage to themselves and or death. Furthermore the Industrial Revolution had a negative …show more content…

The effects of the Industrial Revolution lead to the death of extremely young children and permanent damage that can never be fixed. It also caused working conditions to become atrocious because the owners of the factories never followed the rules which cause workers to fear for their lives. Finally it lead to the terrifyingly unsanitary living conditions of tenements. In conclusion the industrialization of American society was extremely negative to the American people's way of

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