Positive Behavioral Therapy Case Study Sample

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As an intern counselor, a client was referred to therapy due to personal and conflicted issues. For educational and training purposes, an eight week counseling sessions will be provided for the client. Not only will the counseling process be a combination of client-centered therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychoeducation, suicide contract and a treatment plan, but she will be given the upmost respect, empathy, compassion and unconditional positive regard during her counseling experience. To protect the identity of the client, the client will be identified as Karen during this case study.
General Demographic Information/Family & Background History Currently, Karen is a 28 year old heterosexual Asian American female. She is married to a 28 year old African American. Along with being married for two years, both individuals are in the educational field, as Karen is an elementary school teacher. As they both share a common love of working with students, Karen is also dedicated and committed to her job. Furthermore, Karen did not mention that she or her husband had any children from their current marriage or from any previous relationships. …show more content…

Born in Korea, Karen and her sister were adopted when she was two years old and her sister was four years old. At this point, Karen and her sister have not met their biological parents. Taking into consideration of the adoption, Karen’s family consisted of her sister, adoptive parents and their three biological older children. Even though she reported that her adoptive parents were fine and loving people, there was still some kind of an emotional disconnect with them, for she feels misunderstood by them. Bearing in mind their race, her parents did take the girls to Korea to introduce them to their Korean heritage. However, Karen described her connection with Korea to be a struggle and

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