Prejudice Character Analysis: Russ And Finley

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Character Analysis: Russ and Finley

Russ and Finley’s relationship changes drastically through time. In the beginning of the story, their affiliation is tense, but as more life-changing events take place, they grow to be close friends. At the start of the story, Russ and Finley are forced friends by Coach. As Finley learns more and more about Russ’s strange persona, he grows more uncomfortable with being in his presence. During their first meeting, Russ explains to Finley how he is from outer space, and that his parents are going to pick him up. In an attempt to protect and warn him about bullies at school, Finley tells Russ that he cannot be Boy21 at school because he will be made fun of. Russ does not understand Finley’s advice, and disregards it, (Quick, 42). Finley grows frustrated not only with Russ’s unusual behavior, but with coach for choosing him to be Russ’ s friend. Finley had every right to act the way he did and took it very well. To put it into perspective, Finely is a high school kid, forced to be friends with an insecure, traumatized and mentally unstable boy for an entire school year. Russ and Finley’s relationship is tense in the months after they meet. Near the end of basketball season, Russ and Finley become best friends, and an emotional outlet to each other. After Erin’s accident, Russ and Finley change places, …show more content…

In the beginning, all he wanted was to help Russ, but he became selfish a pushed Finley to get Russ to play basketball. Coach first comes to Finley before the season starts, to tell him about Boy21, and to introduce them to each other. Coach takes Finley out to his car and informs him of his friend's murder, and the toll it took on Russ. Finley is flattered that Coach chose him and genuinely wants to help Russ, since Coach genuinely wants Russ to be helped, (Quick, 29). Coach wanted Finley to help Russ get back into basketball, but not as much as he wanted his friend’s son to be

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