Present Day Triggers

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Even if the victim may not recall everything that occurred, they may still experience triggers. According to Matsakis, “Even if trauma survivors suffer from an amnesia, they still are able to react to triggers consciously or unconsciously. Present day sights, smells, actions, feelings, and people involved in an incident can recreate the event” (Matsakis 114). Present day occurrences can recreate a very realistic reenactment of the traumatic event. Although I hadn’t been driving an actual car, motions of the vehicle itself made me feel as though I was back in the rolling golf cart once more. Even if triggers weren’t even a part of the incident itself, they can still occur. In order to identify what these triggers are, many therapists suggest making what’s known as a trigger chart. Writing down feelings, sights, smells, and emotions experienced while viewing different items made it easier to pinpoint my triggers, and cope with stress (1).…show more content…
In fact, although my leg was progressively healing, my mental state began to take a dramatic decrease. I hated the feeling of helplessness being unable to do even the most simple of things by myself. Because I was torn between a constant state of depression and anxiety, my parents both agreed it was time I see a therapist. My therapist explained to me that I may be suffering from something known as post-traumatic stress disorder. Rolling the golf cart had been very traumatic to me both physically and mentally. What most people don’t understand is that PTSD is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many different disorders that can branch out from this such as major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, survivors guilt, and eating disorders.

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