President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Arsenal Of Democracy

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Arsenal of Democracy Arsenal of Democracy (Arsenal) was a famous speech in the twentieth century given by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt was one of the most famous presidents in the history of America; he helped America get through the great depression and the World War II. Till now, many Americans still miss his great achievement and admire him. The Atlantic gave him the fourth prize of the top 100 people who has great influence on America. Thus we can see how much he devoted to this country (Franklin).
Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 in New York. When he grew older, he entered Harvard University and got a master's degree here. In 1904, Roosevelt entered the Columbia University to study law. In 1910, he stepped into the politic area as a member of the Democratic Party, but his uncle disagreed with his behaviors. However, although he did not get the support from his uncle, he continued his political way and was elected the senator of the New York City (Franklin). His political life went to the top when he was chosen the president of America in the year 1932. That was a difficult time because the whole world was experiencing the great depression
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It showed Roosevelt's attitude towards fascist's fiercely aggression. The purpose of the speech was to let the Americans abandon Monroe Doctrine (Monroe) and got involved into the World War II. In this speech, Roosevelt first mentioned a theory 'We must be the great arsenal of democracy' to the public (Fireside). This speech was marked as a symbol of Lend-Lease Act's promulgate. In March 11, 1941, the congress of United State officially gave the president the power to rent weapon to those countries which are necessary to America's national defense. Roosevelt's historical speech used rhetorical devices such as pathos, logos and ethos to make America take part in the war and fight against the Axis to end the 'Unnecessary
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