President K. Polk Dbq

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President K. Polk being a fair and a smart man had many successes including the promotion of the Manifest Destiny’s policies. One of which including the negotiation possession of the Oregon Territory from the British. Also was able to buy what is now California and New Mexico, gaining all this land after the Mexican-American war. Although he had many other successes, he also had his flaws one of which was when he was running for reelection in 1841. It was not a good time for a Democrat, due to the country being in depression and the bank with many failures.
2) Not only did Texas gained independence from Mexico after the Mexican American war, but the Mexicans also agreed to sell California and everything north of the Rio Grande. Not for free but for about $15 million. This treaty was called the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, being established on February 2, 1848.
3) Many hardships were faced during the Wagon Train one of which included: weather, obstacles, dangers and calamities, disease and especially indians. Weather was something that was hard all the way, especially during the summer where temperatures reached over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. causing many heatstrokes. Obstacles because some trails were very poor and they had to cross some rivers. having a hard time to cross, because it was very time …show more content…

The Emancipation Proclamation was a very important turning point of the civil war. Making the fight to preserve human freedom. This was declared by Abraham Lincoln a month after the union victory of the battle of Antietam. The CSA was not all happy, Jefferson Davis the president of the CSA stated that Lincoln had no right of freeing the slaves in the south. He said that the slaves were happy, and with the Proclamation it would make the slaves think to kill their masters. Davis threatened anyone who helped free the slaves would receive

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