Presidents Roosevelt And Wilson During The Progressive-Era, 1890-1920

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During the Progressive-Era, 1890-1920, Presidents Roosevelt and Wilson played major roles in making this time period a success (Schultz, 2014). Each wanted the United States to be more aggressive when it came to international affairs. They felt being timid was not the way to accomplish this goal; however, instead, they set out to increase our military force extensively. President Roosevelt is the first major player accomplished this goal merely 3 years prior to the end of his presidency. By 1906 the U.S. had the 3rd largest military in the world. With this new power behind the U.S., the Progressive-era ended with President Wilson’s term. In these years we had finalize all three goals the government had set out to do from the start. We now had open trade with China, formed the Panama Canal, and policed Latin America. …show more content…

Foreign Policy, 1890-1920s”, n.d.). These progressives, such as Roosevelt and Wilson, saw no conflicts in this approach to imperialism as it was a way to improve, uplift, and reform our government’s ways here at home and all around the world. Other Progressives opposed this foreign intervention and imperialism as they feared it would reduce domestic and social reform here at home and within the Republican Party. Democratic President Wilson followed the same path for the most part as Republican Roosevelt. He did have greater reservations in all foreign interventions; yet, he gladly intervened in the Mexican Revolution as well as used military intervention in Haiti and the Dominican Republic due to the possible German

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