Primary Health Care Malaysia Case Study

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The aim of this essay is to bridge the event with the theory and knowledge concerning primary health care . My understanding on the definitions of health, illness and wellness in Malaysia where personal, biologic, psychological, and sociocultural factors are predictive of a certain health-related habit through primary health care was heighten by discussion in this essay.
Primary Health Care
Public health is an art and a science delegated with the responsibility of preventing disease thereby prolonging life of an individual and promoting the health through different health organizations, societies, public, and private Beigbeder, Y. (2006). Primary health care, as defined by the Alma Ata Declaration is, “essential health care based
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• addressing the main health problems in the community, providing promote, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services accordingly includes at least:
• education concerning prevailing health problems and the methods of preventing and controlling them; promotion of food supply and proper nutrition; an adequate supply of safe water and basic
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They reaffirm health as a human right and see economic and social development as a prerequisite to the attainment of health for all. They see the promotion and protection of health, including the reduction of social exclusion and disparities in health, as having positive effects on economic and social development and on world peace.1 Like nurses in other settings, primary health care nurses have professional, legal and ethical responsibilities which require demonstration of a satisfactory knowledge base, accountability for practice, functioning in accordance with legislation affecting nursing and health care, and the protection of individual and group rights. Primary health care nurses see the participation of people as a group or individually in planning and implementing their health care as a human right and duty1. 
A model of the roles of nurses is that their work is able to do health promotion , illness prevention , midwifery, antenatal and postnatal care , treatment and care of sick people , rehabilitation and palliation , community development , population and public health ,education and research and policy development and advocacy(APHCRI 2009)Primary

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