Prince William County Public School Board Case Study

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I attempted to watch the Prince William County Public School Board meeting March 16 to understand how the budget was discussed and approved. The meeting was extraordinarily long and unfocused and I could not attend the entire event.
1) What issues seem to be most important? Why?
An issue the citizens brought forward and discussed was bullying and the alleged effect bullying caused on one of my department’s students. Despite being well liked, well known, and actively participating in the robotics club that I am one of the founders, she apparently was the target of bullying, withdrew, and felt it necessary to take her life. When students feel pressured this way, it is extremely important to recognize and avoid this by making sure the students feel safe in, and part of, a close support structure. As they should, the Board struggles that the massive bureaucracy of a large system and large school makes the students and teachers feel lost. The app provided would seem to allow the student to draw on a closer circle of friends. However, the Board also touched that bullying originating from them at the top down to the students. The Board runs the school system acknowledging that they …show more content…

At the last meeting, the Board, instead of making the hard decision between two group’s interests, chose to placate both groups by spending unnecessary money in an attempt at political correctness. Godwin school feeling the random effect of this political correctness is complaining of this unfair bullying.
On the budget, the discussion centered about removing paying for a study comparing whether indeed the Board bureaucracy and its central administration is too overbearing on the system or whether the amount of burden the central administration places on the system is typical for our

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