Abortion: The Value Of Life

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There is this thing called life. Life is given and to most it is something that is deemed as the most precious gift one can be given. Some do not value the life that has been given to them. They do not honor that life nor do they live that life abundantly. Life is given almost every second of every day. There is a child born somewhere in the world during those seconds. Those very children most times grow into productive citizens in society. They become adults and even have children of their own. Sometimes, however these children do not make it into the world to grow and become productive citizens of society. Why and how does this happen? It happens because of one three syllable word; abortion. According to Dictionary.com, abortion is the …show more content…

Pro-lifers do not always use religion as a reason for wanting life preserved. There are those who value life without citing religious reasons. They believe that every human being born or unborn should be given the right to live. Charles Capps in article in the Stanford Review stated that “The truth is that the pro-life stance does not depend on religion. The logical case for life is built entirely upon premises grounded in the Constitution and science. These premises lead to the pair of conclusions that form the crux of the pro-life argument. The first is that the only relevant question in the debate over the legality of abortion is whether or not the fetus should be considered a human person. If the fetus is a human person then abortion should be illegal; if the fetus is not a human person then abortion should be legal. The second is that the fetus should be considered a human person. Together these statements comprise the pro-life conviction that abortion should be illegal.”(Capps, 2010) He went on to state that according to the Fifth Amendment “that no person shall be denied the right to life”. This would mean that abortion would not be legal and would be wrong because it is not giving the unborn person their right according to the constitution. Next are those who oppose abortion because of religious views. They believe that God gave life and he is the only one who can take life. Life is precious to them, and the mother should indeed find other alternatives other than abortions. “Abortion pro-life Christians encourage women to seek alternative options. They focus on educating women and men on the consequences of sexual relations before a commitment to marriage. Choosing to destroy an unborn child is a choice to murder. It is immoral and wrong. There are a variety of options available to women who experience

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