Process Essay: How I Made My Newton Car

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You could have designed a newton car a million ways but this is how I made mine. My design was different than a lot of the other cars maybe it wasn 't the best idea but i still rolled. So what I did to make my car is first I got a mini box and poked four holes on each of the bottom. Next I hollowed out pens to make axles and I suck them through the holes on the box. Also I suck wooden stakes through the pens to connect the my wheels. Then I super glued a balloon to a straw, then super glued the straw to my car. Then u blow up the balloon and then it will go.

My car relates to newton 's first law because if an object is at rest is tents to stay at rest and if an object in in motion it tends to stay in motion. My car stayed at rest most of the time. When I blew up the balloon to power the car it didn’t move that far either do to rolling friction this stopped the car a lot. My car also related to the second law because if I add force with the more air it rolls farther and with greater speed. This also builds the momentum of the car. Newton 's third law explains that every action has an opposite reaction. This also describes my car because it shows that when you blow up the balloon the car goes forward and the air goes backwards. I could have made this car go farther with these three laws by making the car more aerodynamic. This way it would have less air friction pushing against it. …show more content…

In conclusion to my newton car project it was a success but also a fail it didn 't achieve the 5 meter mark but it made it more than halfway there. If I did it all over again I would make it a different way,and make it more aerodynamic. Overall this was a great way to use critical thinking and use different ways to think of stuff out of the box. Also a great way to learn about all the newton

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