Professional Registered Nurse

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I have never been seriously ill or injured and my family is generally healthy. Considering my favorable fortune with health, I rarely come in contact with nurses or doctors. Yet, I aspire to become a nurse; a decision I came to partially because of the numerous praises I see and hear about nurses. The effect that nurses can have on their patients is profound. Nurses have the ability to turn what can be a frightening experience in a hospital or doctor’s office into a mild or even enjoyable time. More than that, nurses are healers, problem solvers, and compassionate companions. For these reasons and many more, I strive to be a Professional Registered Nurse. When nurses explain why they chose this profession, many respond, “to help people” or “to make a difference.” Although these explanations are selfless and inspiring, my answer is somewhat different. I aim to be a nurse for the lifelong learning experiences that will allow me to grow and develop each day. As an interdisciplinary profession, nursing employs numerous duties beyond medical care. Critical thinking and creativity are vital to give patients the best treatment possible, as well as empathy and kindheartedness to display care and to promote comfort for patients and their families. Employing these qualities …show more content…

Possessing these admirable traits needed to be a nurse fit perfectly with the Peace Core’s values. Nursing in the Peace Corps will allow me to educate and aid people all over the world. Not only will the experience benefit those I provide care for, but also teach me how to live a life of generosity. Professional Registered Nurses in the Peace Corps spread health awareness all over the globe, from organizing health care systems to disease prevention. Involvement in a program of this capacity would fulfill my ambition to grow and develop throughout my nursing

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