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Modern medicine has made has made even the simplest roles very important, this allows everyone to feel a sense of belonging. The topic I selected for my career-related capstone project is licensed practical nurse, a licensed practical nurse is very important to the staff and patients they take care of the patient on a more personal level than the doctor. They do perform some of the simplest tasks such as taking vital signs, administering medicine, taking care of wounds on a patient, and giving immunizations are just a few but without this task, patients wouldn 't get the best care available to them. Licensed practical nursing is an amazing career for me considering I love medicine; plus, the income will support me for years. A licensed …show more content…

The programs to become a LPN are offered in a number of ways “community colleges,vocational colleges, and trade schools usually LPN education programs with some allowing students to take classes online”(“LPN Careers | Licensed Practical Nurse Career Paths”). This allows a student to have different options some students prefer a school or some students like taking online classes so they can work at the comforts of their homes or work around their busy work schedule seeing as most college students have jobs, this allows them to not become overworked and or stressed so they can finish their course. When you 're enrolled in these classes you will also be doing a bunch of hands on labs and clinicals this is when you put your classroom knowledge to use by working with patients. The online classes are going to be similar to the campus classes with the clinicals situation you want to make sure your going to a school that is approved by the board of nursing “even with the flexibility of online classes, you’ll want to look for a program that provides students with ample hands-on clinical work”(“LPN Careers | Licensed Practical Nurse Career Paths”). The clinical work allows you to practice what you have been doing in class or on the computer, this allows you to practice and perfect your …show more content…

Bureau of Labor Statistics”). The increase for more nurses is because the largest generation of kids know as “baby boomers” are getting older and are in need of more healthcare providers the hospitals,nursing homes, and houses are getting more crowded with older people in need of more attention and care. The other things contributing to the increase is “chronic conditions, such as diabetes and obesity, have become more prevalent in recent years.”( “Summary.” U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics”), because of the increase in “baby boomer” sickness as well they need more home health care providers to help the ones that still would like to hold on to their independence. Some families are to busy too provide constant care for their loved one,so they hire someone to do it for them usually when they are at work or if the person in need of care would like to stay in the comfort of his/her own home. Obesity is when someone has an excessive amount of body fat, and then there’s diabetes a diseases that result in too much sugar in the blood there’s different types such as type 1 and 2 because theses conditions can only be managed and controlled not cured.Usually the elderly need someone to help them remember simple task like washing clothes,cooking,cleaning the house and taking their medicine. These

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