Examples Of Monopolies

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A monopoly is characterized when a single supplier in the entire market own a specific product, so that from that specific product, or products, they own the entire market share. A monopoly is also defined when a company own 25% of that market, meaning they have a huge part of the market share. There are many reasons why a monopoly may form for a specific product. One of the reasons is when a company has the ownership of a specific requirement for one specific product, and example is how Apple owns the IO Software. Microsoft owning the Windows software, so in that are they are monopolizing that market, with those specific software. Another example of a patent monopoly is medicine, when a person or company own a patent, they can produce it …show more content…

One well known reason for monopolies is when producers and manufacturers what a patent or a copyright in a product or specific ideas, which is the case with the iPhones from Apple, their well known track pad is subject of a patent, so that means that their competitors cannot use that specific function in their devices. There are many more examples with things related with images, sounds, even colors, like some of the most famous companies have specific colors that the population associate with their specific company, such is the case with McDonald’s red and yellow logo, or even the unique “M” that they use. Another example could be Disney’s “D” and its font type. Of course lots of people in different countries still use some of the characteristics of different companies that own them and have to remain vigilant that it is not found out, since they could be eligible for a corporative class …show more content…

Now, all the monopolies are not terribly bad, in cases that the company uses non-renewable products, or they use natural products. That means that if there are less people manufacturing products with these inputs, then there will less usage of them, and less loss of natural and non-renewable products such as petroleum or paper. Now, of course there are going to be advantages to having a monopoly, as long as you own it, with reasons such as: Having economies of scale, which it is always good to have, since it benefits you to. You have higher exports revenue in your country and being able to sell your products well, no matter where. Now, we have seen the good and bad things of monopolies, and that opinion changes depending on from what side of the coin you are looking at it from, it could either benefit you, or be a really bad thing for you and any other companies that may want to enter any market that has such a strong monopolistic

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