Bail Bonds In Jail

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In our nation, when you are accused of a crime you go to jail. At the jail, you are given an amount of money you have to pay to get out of prison at your hearing, this is called a Bond. Bonds ensure that you go to court. If you pay all of the bond money up front and then go to court like you should, you get all of your money back. But people don’t usually have thousands of dollars to pay for Bonds. You have to get in touch with someone that can help you finance making that payment. These people are Bail Bondsmen. Bail Bondsmen make the payment to the jail so that you can go home until your court date. But if you don’t go to court the Bail Bondsman loses their money. They take a portion of the bond amount as payment and then when you go to …show more content…

Scott Stringer issued a report calling for total removal of the commercial Bail Bonds in the city, hoping it would eventually lead to the states and the nation. In Stringer’s report is said that the city spends $100 million a year to lock up people who are too poor to make bail. This was news to one of the biggest bail bond business owner in New York. She claimed that Bail Bond businesses are small functional and integral part of the criminal justice system for New York. $10,000 bond costs $860 in New York, the lowest premium in the nation. The service keeps defendants out of jail and saves the city so much money. But to some they don't know that if the defendant fails to show up in court, then the Bonding company is responsible for the full amount. And if the defendant runs, the Bonding agency has to bring him back in. Cause the businesses the gamble on the defends they choose.
Nationwide, about 62% of people in jail are not serving time they’re just waiting for justice to be served in their case. I can't believe that the numbers are so high and that there is no one that can help those mothers, fathers, grandmas, and more. I feel that it is breaking the 8th amendment because for that person $500 is excessive. That $500 is probably their only money they have to spend on bills. We should not get rid of the bail bonds but improve them so that not so many men and women are not sitting in

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