Pros And Cons Of Bea Hume-Petersen

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“It allows them to work after they get out of high school. These are not great options. You take away the opportunity to get a diploma. “This is a troubling factor as an advocate, but this is not the only issue that worries her for the future; the voucher for New York State residents to go to college tuition free also does. Many issues arise that children with Autism will not receive a diploma because of not being able to take standardize tests. With this the issue of college and their future comes up. Bea Huste-Petersen is especially confident that the voucher will change the future of children with autism. “The concept of the voucher, potential for education for the next four years, is also concerning,” she says. “Our kids cannot get the…show more content…
She is in it for helping the kids affected by autism and their family, not just about it for monetary value, since this is not something she gets paid to do. EJ Autism Foundation and Bea Huste-Petersen are effective in advocating for this issue because the message isn’t to change a child with autism in any way, but to understand their world. “You also think your child will be like how you were as a child and if it’s not like how you pictured it then you don’t know how to handle it,” she says. “We need to allow our kids to be themselves and not force them to be something…show more content…
The knowledge that one learns from being civically engaged changes their opportunities and how much they can change the world around them. Bea Huste-Petersen had said during the interview that she isn’t knowledgeable about all the laws and regulations that surround autism. She is aware that there is a lot more for her to learn, but she acknowledged that she is civically engaged by sharing her opinion in outlets when she feels it is important. She also shares it so other people can engage in the discussion. She said, “I pick my spot and comment on the news or provoke someone else to share their opinion.” This conversation is a prime example that any person can be civically engaged and that it’s important to discuss issues within a community. It also is a great example that a person who is an advocate for a certain issue may not have all the information, but they can learn from other around them to educate themselves by staying civically
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