Pros And Cons Of Human Genetic Modification

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Because of the inventions of so many new technologies, the experiment that was being done on plants is now being experimented on humans. Today a lot of people are choosing to do human genetic modification. Human genetic modification was designed to cure diseases, but people are now using it to change physical characteristics of their babies. They are changing the genes of their babies because they want their babies to be perfect the way they want the baby to look like. People need to stop doing human genetic modification because god made us the way we are and you should not change that, the outcome of gene modification is not always accurate, and human genetic modification is a threat to humans.
People should stop doing genetic modification. Everyone is different; We all have different looks that god choose to give us. Changing your baby's genes to make them look better is going against the decision of the god, and it is not ethically right. “Several …show more content…

Changing human genes is not that easy. The baby might look like the way you wanted him/her to look like, but it can cause some other problems with the baby and it can cause the baby to die early. “Dolly was a sheep created by a process of cloning. It was created in 1996. It died in 2003 because of many circumstances.” (“”).
Human genetic modification is a threat to humans because cloning is not easy. To make a perfect clone you have to do many tests until you get that perfect clone. This means you would have to sacrifice a lot people just to get one perfect cloning which is not okay! “To make a good product of cloning you need to test a really huge number of units. So, it means that if you want to create "healthy" Dolly, you need to test a million of "unhealthy" Dollies. And there is the chance that you will make some unit in 2050 maybe. That is not good because you cannot sacrifice a million for just one.”

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